Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Pointers to remember for enjoying your webcam modeling jobs to the hilt

So you have joined the webcam modeling agency to make money from the privacy of your home. Great that you have decided to become a webcam model! After all; it is the fun way of earning big bucks.

So what’s next? Here are a few pointers to remember for enjoying your webcam modeling jobs to the hilt and earning more money whatsoever. 

Point 1: The first few minute of your time in the free chat room is recorded. It is kept on your profile as a teaser video for members. Albeit there will be no nudity however be sure to smile and show your best angles during the first minute of free chat. Well, it’s important to prevent being recorded in an awkward position.

Point 2: To become a webcam model, you should upload at lease 6 photos to your profile gallery. So, here’s a quick tip - Don’t do all photos in the same position and instead mix them up. Show off your best parts.

Point 3: As you join the webcam modeling agency you will have a promotional period when you first start as a performer. During this time, you will be highlighted on the site at a discounted price. In order to finish your promo period quickly all you should do is to remain available in free chat for at least four hours. Take it in writing; this feature gets you more attention and also helps you build a following of regulars quickly. 

Point 4: Once your promo period gets over you can charge whatever you want between $1.99-3.99/min. As you become a webcam model successfully, several customers can be in your paying room at once.

Point 5: Fret not; if you are not busy at first. Sure it will all even out quite well. Keep in mind; consistency does count for a lot. For instance; if you're only available in the daytime, and if you log in at the same time regularly, your repeat customers will be able to follow you. They will know when to come see you. The fact of the matter is, any schedule can work out nicely if you're consistent.

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